AI: ChatGPT in voice assistants in 2024

AI (artificial intelligence) is destined to revolutionize our daily lives in all areas. At the major consumer technology association (CES) 2024 Las Vegas electronics show, Volkswagen announced a major integration of AI into its vehicles, introducing ChatGPT as part of its IDA voice assistant. What you are looking for with […]

The AI (artificial intelligence) It is destined to revolutionize our daily lives in all areas.

At the important electronic fair of the Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2024 Las Vegas,
Volkswagen announced a major integration of AI into its vehicles, presenting ChatGPT
as part of your IDA voice assistant. What is sought with this implementation is provide to the drivers a more advanced and safer interaction and driving experience.

Other car companies and models (such as Skoda, Mercedes either Peugeot) also join these new technologies to bet on the future of driving.


The German company, focusing on security and privacy, plans to launch ChatGPT in several Volkswagen models at the end of 2024, starting with the Golf and initially expanding in European markets before reaching the United States. This collaboration with the technological partner Cerence at CES presents Volkswagen's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of the user experience.


Voice assistants have the ability to integrate with various applications and services, allowing
the execution of more advanced tasks. By connecting to IoT (Internet of Things), these assistants can cCommunicate with other devices, sharing information and increasing their effectiveness in providing response.


The improvement in the ability to understand commands in a more natural way, adaptation and continuous learning, the performance of various tasks and the guarantee of more accurate voice recognition, are the key benefits that these provide. technologies in voice assistants of new car models.

IA en asistentes de voz avanzados

For example, AI in voice assistants offers a more natural conversation, allowing the interaction to be similar to a real conversation. Additionally, its ability to continually adapt and learn means the system can personalize responses based on driver preferences, improving over time and anticipating user needs.


The ability to interpret a wide variety of commands and questions It is another great advantage of new technologies in voice assistants. From providing navigation directions to controlling music or answering general questions, AI offers truly extensive functionality. And all of this exponentially improves the user experience.


Safety is the priority, and AI contributes to more accurate and efficient voice recognition, reducing the possibility of misunderstandings and distractions while driving. Additionally, the ability to receive remote updates ensures that voice assistants in cars benefit from new features and improvements without physical intervention.


Another very interesting fact shows us that, thanks to advanced language models, the
multilingual and multicultural interaction, promoting inclusion and serving users from different cultures and regions of the world.


This not only presents the incorporation of ChatGPT in vehicles, but also shows us the improvement in the driver's interaction with the system, and also represents a significant step towards integrating technologies even further innovators in the automotive industry.


This technology makes driving safer by allowing us to perform tasks without taking the
view of the road. The navigation gets smarter, for example, offering accurate directions and suggestions for alternative routes in real time. In addition, assistants control vehicle functions, have access to real-time information, integrate with other devices, personalize entertainment and facilitate the management of certain tasks.


And this is not only looking forward to times that are to come, but It is the present of the industry of the automobile and the future of our vehicles.


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